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Division of Property

Divorce Lawyer in Lakewood, Colorado

Experienced Counsel on Marital Property Division

If your marriage has ended and you cannot agree about the division of marital property, you want an experienced and aggressive attorney to protect your rights. Long and drawn out battles over property can be financially and emotionally costly. You want a lawyer who will help you quickly and fairly find a way to allocate your debts and assets.

Attorney Steven Hirschey assists divorcing couples with division of marital propertyAt the office of attorney Steven A. Hirschey, P.C., I bring over 32 years of experience to men and women throughout Denver and Jefferson County who are involved in disagreements of marital property division. Whenever possible, I will look to resolve your disputes through negotiation, saving you time and often emotional stress. However, I am skilled and aggressive in the courtroom, and am always willing to take your case to trial to protect your interests.

For a free initial consultation, contact me or call me at 303-800-3409 for an appointment.

My Marital Property Division Practice

I will work closely with you to find ways to equitably divide the debts and assets of your marriage, including:

  • Real and personal property—home, condo, cottage, car, jewelry, electronics.
  • Bank accounts and investments—checking, savings, money market, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts.
  • Retirement funds—IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions, deferred compensation plans.
  • Business interests—ownership interests, income stream, business property.
  • Financial obligations of the marriage—credit cards, mortgage loans, signature loans.

Under Colorado law, property is divided equitably, not necessarily equally. We will help you determine what constitutes a fair allocation of assets and will work with opposing counsel to bring about an agreement.

We will also help you determine whether property is part of the marital estate (acquired during the marriage or principally with assets from the marriage) or whether it is separate property, not subject to division on divorce.

We work with unmarried couples as well, helping you find ways to fairly divide property acquired during your time together with joint funds. When appropriate, we will pursue actions for partition or replevin to help you obtain possession of property jointly paid for.

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I offer a free initial consultation to all clients. To schedule an appointment, contact me or call me at 303-800-3409. My office is located in the Belmar Plaza in Lakewood.

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