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Child Support

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Experienced and Aggressive Counsel in Child Support Matters

Family Law Attorney Steven Hirschey represents clients in Lakewood ColoradoWhen you are going through a divorce, one of the most difficult matters to deal with is often child support. You want to ensure that the needs of your child are being met, but you also want to know that both parties are shouldering equal responsibility. You want a lawyer who knows the law and the process, one who has successfully worked with others in child support proceedings.

At the law office of Steven A. Hirschey, P.C., Family Law Attorney Steven Hirschey represents clients in Lakewood ColoradoI have effectively handled child support matters for men and women throughout Denver and Jefferson County for over 32 years. Because of my experience, I know when to fight and we know when to seek resolution through a negotiated settlement. I am licensed to handle child support matters in all state courts in Colorado and New York.

I provide a free initial consultation to all clients. Contact my office or call me at 303-800-3409 to set up an appointment.

Our Child Support Practice

In Colorado, child support is calculated using a formula provided by the state, which takes into consideration the incomes of both parties. I will review all proposed support orders for compliance with Colorado guidelines and to make certain all relevant income is included in the calculation.

I work with clients at all stages of a child support dispute, whether you have just filed for divorce and need to establish a temporary order for support, or your support order is final, but needs to be amended because of a change in circumstances:

  • Establishing support. I will work with you to identify and implement a fair order for temporary or permanent support. I can also handle paternity hearings to determine whether support is required.
  • Enforcing a support order. When payments are not made as required under a support order, I can handle all matters related to a contempt proceeding, helping you use the power of the courts for enforcement of the original child support order.
  • Modifying a support order. When the circumstances of one of the parties has changed, whether in employment, physical or health matters, or place of residence, I will help you petition the court for a modification of the existing child support decree, so that your needs are met.

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