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Drug Offenses

Drug cases are cyclical in nature to the extent District Attorney offices around the state selectively prosecute the drugs they feel are the most problematic at any particular time.  While posession of small amounts of marijuana has been legalized in the State of Colorado, posession of all other controlled substances remains illegal and is subject to criminal prosecution. For example, throughout the state possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use has essentially been decriminalized. However, throughout the state there has been an upsurge in the vigorous prosecution of meth amphetamine cases. Many of these cases come to the District Court in Denver and the surrounding cities through the efforts of metro drug task forces. In order to effectively represent the criminal drug client, the attorney has to understand and have experience with this process.  It is also important to remember possession of marijuana, for medical purposes or otherwise, is still illegal under federal law.  I believe I bring the experience and skill necessary to represent the drug client effectively.

Medical Marijuana Defense

The area of medical marijuana is rapidly evolving both at the municipal, county and state level. Whether you are a patient, primary care giver or a legitimate marijuana grower, you need to understand your rights and obligations in the municipality or county where you reside and with respect to the statewide legislation that is emerging to protect yourself both on a civil and criminal level. It is also important to remember there is no federal medical marijuana defense. Distribution of marijuana, for medical purposes or otherwise,is illegal under federal law. As recent events have demonstrated, there may be an eventual showdown between the state and federal government on this issue which you need to be prepared for. My office can assist you with respect to these issues and further guide you to correct answers with respect to the taxation and business issues, i.e., leasing, licensing, business formation, aspects of the medical marijuana industry.