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The DUI arena is the area of criminal law where most normally law abiding citizens will interface with the criminal justice system in a significant way. Unlike the more common traffic violations, i.e., speeding, running a red light, etc., the DUI case has an immediate and dramatic impact on the client's life and employment situation. DUI laws change frequently and involve essentially two components. The first is the County Court portion of the case where the client must appear in County Court to answer the criminal charge associated with DUI. This area of the case involves the possibility of a jail sentence, fines and costs being imposed, and the client being ordered to complete drug and alcohol education and therapy. The second component is the DMV Hearing. This is the hearing at which the DMV hearing officer will determine if the client's driving privilege will be suspended and for how long. Both components of a DUI case require an attorney to have an extensive knowledge of police procedures during and after the DUI stop, potential strategies for both the DMV hearing and the County Court trial, and a knowledge of the sentencing possibilities. I believe my multi-decade experience in this area allow me to give effective representation to the DUI client.